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Biography of Mark Van Clieaf

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Broad range of line and consulting experience:

Mark Van Clieaf is Managing Director of MVC Associates International, based in Tampa and Toronto. A leading consultancy in integrating organization / accountability design, leadership assessment / succession planning, and Pay-for-Performance linked to value for shareholders and society.

His over 15 years of organizational consulting has identified 5 Levels of CEO Work and accountability, and 5 Levels of Corporate Governance, which form the foundation for 5 Levels of Innovation and Enterprise Sustainability. Current compliance and check the box approaches to corporate governance fail to get at the core organizational and leadership issues required to sustain value creation for shareholders and society. See “The New DNA of Corporate Governance” and "Are Boards and CEOs accountable for the Right Level of Work?" at

The Failure of having Boards and CEOs accountable at the right Level of Work risks the loss of shareholder capital. Over 50 % of the top 1800 public companies in North America have failed to return a profit greater than their cost of capital over 5 years, Boards / CEO's operating at to low a Level of Work also results in failure to take into account the broader environmental and societal level risks that impact longer term shareholder value and the broader business ecosystem.

His recent research into Pay-for-Performance and executive compensation has identified a number of potential new liabilities that Board Directors face in this new post Worldcom / Disney era. Recent ground-breaking findings includes the fact that 60 US companies that destroyed $ 700 billion in value over 5 years paid their named executive officers $ 12 billion in total direct compensation. See “Strategic Pay” , “The Myths of Executive Compensation”, “New Compensation Committee Liabilities” and “Executive Accountability & Excessive Compensation: A New Test For Director Liability” at or

Mark is a guest Lecturer in Corporate Governance (organization, leadership and pay for performance design) at the Ivey School of Business. He has also been a guest lecturer in organizational / industrial psychology at the Ph.d level.

He is a frequent speaker on organization design, CEO Accountability, executive Pay-For-Performance, and succession planning, all linked to shareholder value.

He was a Commissioner for the National Association of Corporate Directors, Blue Ribbon Commission on CEO Succession Planning, in Washington DC.

He was a Founding Member, Executive Selection Research Advisory Board, Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro NC and was Special Guest Editor, Human Resource Planning, for the Human Resource Planning Society, based in New York, NY. He is also past President of the The Strategic Leadership Forum.

He is currently a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and the International Corporate Governance Network.

Previously he was with Price Waterhouse in their Business Strategy and Executive Search Consulting Practices, working across 4 continents. Including playing a role in setting up the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and recruiting its first CEO in 1990.

His early career was in the advertising, direct marketing, graphic design industries. He continues today in designing leading marketing functions and recruiting key marketing executives for North American clients. This includes the transformation of mass marketing to data-driven & targeting marketing, and from product driven to customer driven / CRM organizations.

He has been conference chair and or keynote speaker for the Conference Board, SAS Users Group, IIR and many others about the future of data driven marketing

He holds an undergraduate degree in economics and business and a Post-graduate diploma in international business.

He can be reached at


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